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I am a current cable subscriber and asof lately it has been dropping a great deal so i called and order direct tv all went great agreed upon what i wanted and a price set up installation for 2 days later between 8 and 12 in the morning i stayed home waiting but no one showed so i called there was a hold placed on my account for an unpaid bill from 2007 the issue with this is bill was not in my name at all it was in a persons name in which i had lived with they checked public records to find that i lived there and their policy that can not be found amywhere is if you lived with a person for any period of time and they fail to pay their bill ur responsible for it being paid before you can get any service my wife also cannot get service because she is married to me and connected to person with unpaid bill and rather then call me and tell me there was a hold i waited for installation and called them to be told about the hold when signing up i supplied them with 2 contact numbers and an email no contact from them at all i am pissed because since when am i responsible for a contract that i didn't enter into with direct tv you are guilty by association i don't suggest anyone deal with this crooked a## company their customer service is sh## and their polices bullsh##

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