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So many promises were made. I was told that I would get local channels and major channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS in HD.

Not true. That means I can't see prime time current series in HD and they have no plans for fixing that. The weird thing is – according to the stations – they are broadcast in HD and it takes special equipment to turn the signal back to a standard/non-HD picture. Add to this issue: Fox has been cancelled, I had no HD for three months because the system wasn't installed correctly, the "guide" is so packed with peudo-stations trying to hawk products that it is hard to find real stations with programs worth watching, the search features are cumbersome at best, and it is nearly impossible to see the current season of a show because Direct TV doesn't broadcast it...

even though the show is currently being broadcast nationwide. They try and put you into watching old reruns.

I am really frustrated with this company. What I get for what I am paying is just not worth it.

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all you have to do is set up your favorite channels then you eliminate all the stuff you dont want to see. very easy to do.

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