Direct TV is a RIP OFF.I've had the service for over 3 years paid on time.

But due to the price and service (always cutting off), I decided to cancel. WHAT A MISTAKE. almost two months after cancelling the service, without my knowlwdge debited my account $300.00. When I called, they said that they had every right to do so.

I disputed the charge with my bank.. but now they are saying that i owed them for various services and converter boxes.

I am definately informing the BBB of the less than medicore service...they really suck!!!

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Direct Tv. is trying to rip me off also ! I cancelled my account October 19th and they had their receivers back in their possesion by October 25th and yet they are still attempting to collect for a full month and I refuse to pay more than I owe !


No offense, Paul, but you could do with some grammar lessons. If you've written DirecTv, I hope you've done so without the run-on sentecnes and neglect of capitalization.


i was told when u move u get a free hd reciever or dvr did not get either one so i called u guys and fought with atechnition and got know were. so i am writing u this letter because i am pisssssssed off at direct tv if this matter can not get handled i will never use direct tv again and i own a barber shop and tell everyone not to use u guys thank u and hope to here from u soon

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