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We transferred from Time Warner Cable about 5 months ago thinking there couldn't be a worse company. WRONG.

Direct TV and their un-informed installers along with the horrible "yet saccharine sweet phony" customer service reps will set you up on a perpetual call in of this and that don't work. Immediate answer is to transfer you to a tech, that says "don't know why they transferred you to me, the could have given you the answer. Because the installers, are for the most part non-technical, they have absolutely no knowledge of how direct TV works with different types of internet and wireless connections. So you get on the roller coaster of calling because nothing works and you should have known that from the day installation.

But on the plus side you do get a cheery, "you have a great day" from the customer service rep when they can't help you either. Not sure about everyone else, but that alone is worth my 100$....yeah...not so much.

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