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I have been a Direct Tv customer for years and when I lived in Miami they gave great service until the last 3 years, they have been total idiots about everything, I'm supposed to be receiving local channels and now for some reason the local channels don't come in, so I call and some Ahole called BJ starts to talk to me like I'm some kind of child and telling me that its all my fault because the dish was out of alignment. I'm done dealing with idiots time to companies,so I tell him that fine what ever I'll pay the *** $50 charge for them to send someone out to fix it, then he tells me no we can't do that until your bill is paid in full, which is supposed to be paid by the 15th and this was on the 10th.

these guys are the biggest idiots I have ever dealt with and Direct TV doesn't compensate you for the time you lose the signal when it rains and on top of that they treat you like ***. I have had it with these losers, it's time to go to COX cable, or Dish TV, but I'm done dealing with idiots.

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I had a really holibrre time finding a good nursing bra. For my first two babies I bought a Playtex nursing bra and hated it.

It made me look really frumpy and it was uncomfortable. I ended up wearing one of my regular underwire bras and pulled the strap down when I nursed. Throughout the pregnancy I went from a C to a DD so, for me, I preferred underwire.With my third baby I found a REALLY great bra on eBay. It is an underwire by Wacoal and was half the price.

They come in light pink or blue. I even wore them for several months after I quit nursing because I would forget it was a nursing bra. They are also really well constructed in that the part of the bra close to your body is like a regular cup w/a hole in the middle. The outer piece looks like a regular bra.

It also gave me more of a normal look than the weird look I seemed to get from other nursing bras that I found locally.These are half the price that you would find them for in the store, if you can find them in the stores close to you at all.If you want, or can go with, an underwire these are the best!Oh yeah, for this bra you may want to wait until you start regularly nursing to decide on what size to get.

You may very well get larger. If a store somewhere close by has Wacoal bras then you could go try a similar non-nursing style on to figure out what size to get on eBay.

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