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I bundled Qwest with Direct TV and now I have moved and cannot install a satellite dish at my new apartment. Direct TV says I have to pay for 14 months of service with them because of a signed 2 year contract. If I signed one, I don't know. I thought I was just signing to verify that the installer did his job. No mention of 2 year obligation.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

I've been on the phone with 3 different people at Direct TV and no help from any of them.

I think Qwest should be partly responsible because they obviously know that there is a contract obligation when they bundle you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $420.

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The hubby and I are in the same boat as some of you. We upgraded our equipment and even asked the representative on the phone SEVERAL times to make sure we wouldn't be in contract before doing this.

They kept telling us their is no contract for upgrading our equipment. Later to find out that it did lock us into a 2 year contract. We fought with several people over the phone and was told we would get charged for canceling the contract. So we are stuck with DTV until October.

We was getting tired of losing our signal every time it rains.

They should not be allowed to trick their customers this way!! :(


Thanks Jess! The number u posted got me to someone who actually listened and helped me! I got my contract cancelled!


Thanks Jess! The number u posted got me to someone who actually listened and helped me! I got my contract cancelled!


Don’t waste your time with their customer service department (800-531-5000). Forget billing dispute (the Colorado address you have to write to). Call their corporate headquarters (310-964-5000) in El Segundo, CA, and it’s like you’re dealing with a whole different company.

At first, you get a recorded greeting, and then it starts ringing. It may ring quite a few times. Then someone answers, and you tell him you’ve got a problem with a cancellation fee and Customer Service isn’t being helpful, and he puts you through to the “Office of the President”, where someone answers immediately.

Explain the problem and be firm. Very high success rate. Good Luck!


i looked on line and got the vice president number and this was actually on a sunday i called them and they called me back after the sent me the boxs to send equiment back they took money out of my acct before i receive the box to send equipment back


I moved to a rural location in 2007 and had to install direct tv. In 2010 I moved again and brought DTV with me and at that time the service tech told me i needed to upgrade my box.

I recently called to cancel and was told that box upgrade signed me up for another 24 month commitment. I was shocked. After being a customer for so long, I was threated with a $400.00 early term fee if I cancel. There was absolutely no appreciation of me being a long tim customer....

terrible business practices and there is not reason for them to change.. they are not regulated by state law.


i was acually extorted...I was told if i cancel i will be charged 20 dollars a month for breaking a contract and if i go to the 29.99 plan they will charge me 54.99 a mo. so i will be over charged unless i do exactly what they want me to do...

not only that the customer service did not want to transfer me to anyother dept. nor to a supervisor due to him being a supervisor...and he kept threatening me with my service is going to be disconnected and i will owe all this money


Cathy..I had AT&T and direct also.AT&T does know there is a contract with DTV this is DirectTV's and AT&T's way of tricking customers. Did you use a credit card or bank account?

If a credit card and DTV places charges on it you can dispute the amount but be aware they can/will replace the charges when credit cards investigation is over and they rule in DTV's favor.or you can close the account(that is what I did after the money was replaced on my card)If you used a bank account hopefully the bank is telling you the truth otherwise there is nothing you can do but close the account and open another one with a new #.(do not give new # to DTV)Also when you cancel service DTV will probably try and charge you for nonreturned equipment fees.Their total charge on my credit card was almost $900.00... Go to and read this:



I too have the same problem I got the bundle deal from ATT and I didn't have any ideal I had to have them for 2 years. I cancel after having direct for 13 months.

I called to cancel. But was told that they would charge me $150.00 for early cancellation. Customer Service told me with in 20 days was going to charge my credit.

I called my bank and told them what was going on. They stop payment for any type of debit from Direct Tv.


I totally agree with Asteve, I am also a victim of direct TV and it has happened to a number of other people. We should all get together and create a class action suit against this company for getting people tied down with a contract.

When I got the service along with att internet I was specifically told at the AT&T store that there was no contract but later found out that there is a 2year & when i was tired of the bad service of directv and wanted to cancel the service. their customer service gets you no where.

i even wrote a letter to their president's office but they still didnt care and did nothing to resolve the issue. DIRECTV SUCKS, the contract is a fraud, they LIE to you to sign the contract and then you are stuck!!


I am trying to understand. I am a victim of direct TV and see that it has happened to a number of other people.

Why don't we all get together and create a class action suit against this company. Call your local TV news station and if the news stations get enough calls they will look into what Direct TV is doing to everyone!


dont get direct tv they suck *** dont sign the contract you will get fukd


You also have 15 days from the start of your contract to cancel! I'm on the phone w/ them right now. :grin


you can fix this and other rip-offs by going to the business office for the company and take a loaded gun with you. Walk in and politely ask to see the manager, when the manager comes to meet you, tell him / her you need to speak to them in private.

After you get them to take you to a private area, you pull out the loaded gun and demand they have your refund credited to you credit card right now, and make them sign a written agreement that you are no longer obligated in any way. If they do not agree, blow their heads off.

This will stop all corporate rip offs if enough people do it. Believe it.


where is comment by teachermrhuene?


I looked over the paperwork, and there is no place it says a two year contract. I am hearing it is stated on the back of the card you install or they install into the receiver...first of all, that was never brought to my attention, nor does any paperwork state that is on the back of the card...nor did I sign the back of the card, so I don't see where they can get away with it. I am going to start my phone calls today.


where are the steps written by teachermrhuene mentioned above? can't find them anywhere.....


Look through the comments and read the one left by: teachermrhuene he tells step by step how to get out of your contract with Direct TV.also file a online complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General in your state. also if you paid with a credit card or check watch for early cancellation fees and equipment charges from Direct TV. Good Luck


I still woud like to know why the 2 years contract only applies to me, they say there obligation is over my bill more than double cant cancel I am now being charged 25 for the HD receiver another six for hd that I have no idea what it for I have to rent my bedroon box. Thanks for letting me vent Pam


Call the owner of Directv. Hughes Corporation. You will get no where with customer service.