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I had a rep come to my door and change me from dish to direct TV, I told them I was moving in 3 weeks and wanted to wait, I was told we will move you for free! When moving day came, I called Direct TV, it was not free it was $50.

I talked to a supervisor who took care of my bill but I still had to pay the $50. When I called to pay the $50, had to wait til payday, I was then told I had to wait 31 days to be reinstalled. I waited on the phone for and hour and 45 miniutes for a supervisor named Donna to tell me, you can't get something for nothing wait your turn and stop being a baby, her exact words!

I then called back got Heather, who I told I would not be using their service they could eat the $500 early cancelation fee, and I would go back to Dish. Dish was installed in 48 hours by the way. She said she would send me the boxes to return and waive the fee.

I got a $0 bill, but no boxes, so I called. they sent the boxes to the old address and asked if I would go get them!!!!! then said oh you ow $349 for early cancelation. No I don't! Now I have to wait another week for the new boxes, and 30 days for the new bill to be sure I am not charged for cancelation. When I asked for a supervisor, I was told to get online and email them.

How are they number one in customer satisfaction, I am not the only one they have done this to?

Review about: Directv Customer Care.

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