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I was a loyal direct tv customer for approximately 12 years, two years ago I switched to Dish TV and have now switched back to Direct TV I was told when I switched that I could get the channels I was watching and the shows I was watching. I gave the person I talked with that information and then switched.

Not only do I not get the channels I was watching but I also dont get the shows I am used to watching. Imhave called in to try and correct this every since I was hooked up. first they said I could get the shows just at different times. I do not record shows nor do I want to learn how to record shows at this age.

Then I was told that they do not get all the channels but offer other channels. That is not what I was told when I signed up. One of the channels they now say I need and HD receiver. I do not have HD tv so why would I want a receiver that I have to pay and additional fee to get then an additional monthy fee when I wasnt told that in the first place.

I went to their complaint department and was told they offer other channels (big deal), but that was my option or pay more money.

I think the first person who signed me up was told get them signed up we dont care what you say and once they are under contract they are stuck with additional charges. Tom Shuler

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