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I ordered a bundle package from Verizon, which included cable service from DTV. A technician came to my home and installed the cable (DTV) service. I have chosen to cancel my Verizon services, which unfortunately includes the DTV service (because to date Verizon has not fulfilled my order with internet (DSL) service).

A representative, from DTV informed me that I had 3 days after the installation date to have discontinued the service and if I chose to disconnect the service I will be charged a $460.00 fee for breach of contract, which I never signed nor received.

I am disappointed and furious because Verizon, which represented partnership with DTV, informed me that I have 30 days to discontinue services if I am not satisfied. When I asked the DTV representative why I was not informed of this important detail from Verizon, she stated because they are unaware of the information. Her response is hard to believe and if it is true, needs to be changed because two major companies joining in partnership/affilliation should be aware of one another’s terms and regulations; if not conflicts such as this will constantly create problems.

After writing to Billing Disputes the problem has not been amended...customer service is no assistance with this matter, but I'm not giving up.

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Still a problem in 2015 -really wish I had read this before signing up.We spent DAYS calling around trying to set up service for our new house.

We have two kids, two jobs each, plus we're full time students so finding time to make a simple phone call is difficult. After being left on hold for an hour twice with comcast before even speaking to a rep and being hung up on by verizon, we finally called DirecTV. They were awesome! They answered the phone within minutes and told us about this great bundle where we'd pay right around $80 total for TV from them, and internet and phone from Verizon.

The rep walked us through set up for DTV then transferred us over to the "bundles dept" who got us all set up with verizon. From my understanding, this was still a DTV rep but working with Verizon services. We called on a Friday, DTV set up the service by Monday. Verizon had us set up by the following Friday.

Our internet didn't work (during finals week!). Verizon sent a tech out and our phone jacks were apparently not compatible with verizon service except one. The tech said he can fix the jacks but verizon will charge. He advised me to just stick with the one jack if I was okay with that.

I was grateful that he told me that. I told him that's what I'd do. He plugged my modem and phone into the jack and left. Verizon charged me over $100 for "service" to the phone jacks!

On top of that, I was charged over $150 for the first two months. I called Verizon and DirecTV. DirecTV told me it was for installation, service, and setup fees and that by the third bill, we'd be paying the $80 for both services. Verizon said the bill would be higher until equipment was paid off then it should return to normal after 2 or 3 months.

After 4 months of paying over $150, we called DirecTV back. They had no record of us having a bundle with Verizon. We called Verizon, they told us they don't have a record of a bundle but they can set one up for us. The price would be $5 less than our usual $160-$170 bill.

I was furious. They told us to give DTV a call and see if we can work something out with them. A DirecTV supervisor called me a liar, told me he "can't help me," and said if I wanted to cancel, "we can start to discuss the approximately $500 in fees" i'd incur from breach of contract - A contract I've never signed. Everything was verbal.

When I told them to check the recorded phone call, the supervisor said he didn't have access to it. I told him to put me on with somebody who did and he disconnected the call.

I am FED UP with DirecTV. Between paying almost DOUBLE what I was told I'd pay, having both companies blame each other, and being called a liar and told I'm SOL by a DTV representative, I'm so ready to move on.

They were great setting up but when it comes to issues with service or billing,they are HORRIBLE!This isn't just an "Oversight" if it's happening to all of these people.


This is still apparently a problem, at least in southern California.I agree with Judy G - too bad there isn't more competition.

I was so fed up with Time Warner that I set up new service with the Triple Bundle with Verizon and Direct TV (phone, internet, and TV). They quoted one price when they sold me the package but then sent separate (Verizon and Direct TV) email confirmations that total about $60 more than the quoted price. When I called I was ultimately assured that the price I was quoted "sounded right" and would be the price that showed up on my bill. I told them that I had emails saying something different and that I really needed my rate confirmed in writing.

They told me that wasn't possible with their system but not to worry, I would see the correct rate on my first bill. This is after a couple of hours of telephone runaround trying to get someone to help me and trying to escalate the call. I cancelled the service before anything got installed. I just can't believe they expect me to just go on faith that I'll be paying a price lower than what their systems generated in emails to me.

How sad that I actually think I'm better off staying with Time Warner.

At least Time Warner is trying to maintain me as a customer.The whole Verizon/Direct TV thing is way too sketchy for me.


...Not to mention how expensive the triple bundle is!It makes me sick that we don't have the opportunity to choose which companies and services we want.

What ever happened to the "monopoly" laws??? There's just not enough competition.

I hate paying for all those stations that I never watch.I only watch 6 stations and have to pay for 204 that I never watch!

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I too have had nothing but problems with this bundle from day one, have not gotten the service I was told I would have. All they do is pass the buck and I am sick of it. :(


My hat is off to your asutte command over this topic-bravo!


dont understand why if you cancel a channel you get charge 10.00when all they do is press a buttnthat just not right


I was SOLD hard on the Direct TV/ Verizon Bundle and it has been the worst billing service I have ever encountered.I was billed the 1st 2 months by direct tv correctly on their online bill pay.

Then it got bundles for internet with verizon and I never got a correct bill. The 2 companies don't talk to each other. I have been over charged and now I have NO SERVICE due to non payment.

I want to cancel and they have the nerve to say i will be charged if I cancel.The worst ever!

to debra #1242157

I have Verizon and Direc Tv I was told by both companies that it would be cheaper if I bundle and it turns out its been a nightmare I now have a $507.59 bill this crazy. I am sick of Verizon and the games I had a third party last year add to my bill for long distance that I didn't ask for and now this I wish there was another landline company in my area but there's not Verizon is it.


I was told by the verizon rep i would receive a bundle included cable phone and internet.She told me she would call me back with my confirmation number to confirm i was able to receive cable in my apt thru verion.

I then received a bill for phone and no other services. I called to cancel and mailed in the bill to cancl and no one cancelled my order until twomonths later. It is now 2yrs later and today i am still fighting this bill with the cpuc in which i NEVER used the phone service !

This is like way back when it was impossible to cancel your AOL service and when you finakly cancel they make you pay for the time in which you were trying to cancel the *** service you never wanted inthe first place.RIDICULOUS.


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