I called Verizon and ordered one of their bundles, TV, internet and phone. Direct TV came , hooked up the cable, but Verizon, no where to be found.

I called them 5 or 6 times, each time making a new appointment for them to come to my house and hook me up a new phone jack. Finally, I spoke to a supervisor's answering machine, telling him if I would of known I would of called Comcast. That day they were at my house. Only problem now, since it took so long I no longer have a bundle.

$350.00 first months bills. I agreed to pay $90.

to have the jack hooked up, but where did the other $260. come from.

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The Verizon Triple Bundle with Direct TV has been a nightmare since Day 1. Took about 7 months and a letter to Verizon's BOD to get bill straightened out.

Now Direct TV is having problem with their satellite for HD with no repair date in sight. Am contracted to them for 24 months due to HD.

They are in breach of contract but will not agree to terminate without penalty. Time to file suits.


Did you ever get this issue fixed?


Did you call for someone to explain and correct the billing?

I suggest you call and ask for fcr or fbr they will work with you to correct the issue


I can't say much for Verizon but i agree with direct tv!! They're terrible, if you have 30 days to get out you better do it.

If the wind blows the wrong way it goes out, they charge for bs all the time and cannot explain what it is or why and you are stuck in a contract. Just be very careful with them. Also to get out of the contract they automatically charge your card the $250. Plus you cannot contact them at all.

My local cable company i can call 24/7 and talk to a person. With direct tv you can call sales 24/7 but they can't help you...

the people that can, you can only call from like 9-5. Good luck!

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