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iv had dvt and loved it untill i moved i did everything i was suposed to called the movers conection and the instaler came out to my new place and could not get a signal from the satalite so he said he would tell customer service ther was no line of sight and that should override my early termanation of contract fee $150.00 since they could not provide me with service cuz thats not my fault. then customer service tells me the instaler reported to them that he was told by my apt mng that he could not put the satalite up and that because of thay they would not wave the fee.

i said im not paying that its your job to uphold your part ofyour contract and they took my debit card info that was on file from me paying online and charged 219.00 to my back acount without my knowing and without the funds being there. when i called and complaind they said due to the loss of my acount they have to charge something to make up for it and it was not ther falt that i chose to move to an area that they could not get a signal at. so even if they cant get a signal for you they will just use the you chose to move excuse to make you pay. luckily i had money set aside and i caught it the day of and was able to put the money in my acount but now i cant pay for my other bills so make sure to always read the fine print....

witch by the way iv not been able to finde to double check ther ignorant policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $219.

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I moved from Phoenix to Santa Fe. I called them and told them I was moving.

They disconnected my service for only 3 months in phoenix reconnected it and started charging my card for over a year!!!!!! They now have stolen over 700 dollars from me!!!