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Direct tv reaped my daugter of for 900.00 plus the fee's that she has incured from her bank. They took 900.00 out of her account with out her permission.

and cause all of her bills to bounce and putting her father in to deibt... Then tells her that the only way they will give her any money back. That she has to have them reconnect to her home. then they would give her 650.00..

Of course in there good time .. This is black mail and rape.. They don't know what they have done to her And they don't care.. she is not the only person they have done this too..

Just want to know how the feel abot being rapist and thiefs. And taking food out of peoples mouth and having there light turned off....

Review about: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Your daughter may ask her bank to reverse the charges by filing a dispute with the bank.If the bank does accept the dispute and replaces the money back into her account,she must close the account to prevent recharging. from DTV.

I know first hand what Liars and Thieves DTV is..been there,done that. Good Luck

Waterford, New York, United States #573819

I totally agree. DirecTV is the devil incarnate.

They royally ripped me off, and started taking money out of my bank account without permission. SO, I had the account number(s) changed. They then proceeded to call me for about 2 months, to where I finally told them I woul dfile a harassment lawsuit if they kept calling. They finally got the message and gave up.

BE WARNED - IF YOU CHOOSE DIRECTV THEY WILL TAKE YOU TO THE CLEANERS - and have you thank them for doing so! :(

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #573675

Seriously? Look up the definition of rape!!

This ain't it!! FYI, she DID give them permission when she agreed to the contract and gave them her banking info.

So apparently she either stopped paying her bill or cancelled the service and incurred the fees. Now after reading all the DirecTV complaints, I know I'd never sign up, however, some of these issues are the fault of the customer, NOT DirecTV.

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