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I cancelled my Direct TV service July 8th 2010. I talked to Bob Miller Pin#1940 in the cancellation department. The cancellation department at Direct TV is the best (most unethical) sales people they have.

Once I told them I was leaving because of my past deliberate fraud and because my contract was up I was told they would cut me a great deal that no one could touch. Here was the deal...6 month contract, whole house DVR with 6 TV's, 3 HD TV's and 3 standard, Bonus HD channels, Free Stars and HBO for 6 months and absolutely no contract past six months. I had them repeat the deal 3 times and I repeated the deal at least 3 times to make sure everything was perfect.

When I received my confirmation it was a 24 month deal and the promised 73.99 per month wasn't in the deal either. I called and was told by two different people July 9Th 2010 that deal wasn't available to anyone. I gave them Bob's name and Pin # and they said you can't talk to a sales person by calling in. I asked how that was possible since I was given the number and the Pin#. Both Direct TV representatives just got angry and kept saying you can't talk to the sales person, you have to deal with me.

Basically, what I figured out is Direct TV deliberately doesn't allow calls to be transferred to sales people because they are encouraged to lie to the customers and don't want the sales person to get gun shy by having to deal with the consequences of their lies. It's a brilliant design if you're a sociopath who just wants to make money. What I have read online is there have been over 60,000 complaints and Direct TV had to pay over 2 million in fines to settle lawsuites with several states.

Bottom line, I cancelled and went to Dish Network. They too weren't completely honest with me however, I was able to have them review the recorded conversation and make it right. I was burned once by Direct TV and almost a second time. Make absolutely sure you read the fine print no matter how nice the sales people are from these companies or you most likely will be burned. The sales people are promoted based on cash only and ethics isn't part of their compensation.

One more note. Both representatives I talked to when I complained didn't even act remotely surprised the sales rep lied. They seemed more angry they were caught and couldn't convince me to stay.

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I decided to order Direct TV. I spoke with the sales rep telling him I had 4 HDTV's and 1 analogue.

He gave me the price for the first year then demanded my SSI # to see what I qualified for the second year. I needed 4 HD tuners for the 4 TV's and 1 analogue receiver. He mumbled the legal *** without allowing me to question anything. I received the confirmation email and he had 2 HD receivers and 3 analogue receivers.

The entire order was canceled. Requesting SSI#'s to get prices is BS. Not seeing what you agree to before you commit is BS. Never believe anything someone tells you over the phone.

I equate Direct to timeshare sales people. They can say whatever you need to hear. The only thing that counts is what's in the contract. I canceled before they got within 3 days of my house and pray to God my identity has not been compromised by these charlatans.

These people are similar to the on-line *** artists up in NY that sell cameras. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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