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Direct TV should find better ways to compensate their clients when they are misled. I am now paying $200 for NBA League Pass and I dont even watch it AT ALL.

When I spoke with the rep from Direct TV she was very nice and willing to help me in any way she could. However the fact of the matter is that they could not reimburse me for the money I spent. Instead they game me free prgrams and such that I dont see any value in. This reminds me of the deaf boy trying to return his broken skateboard and they skateboard shop wont fix the skateboard but gives him a free iPod and headphones.

Sure the premiums add up -- but what is lost is the VALUE in which the boy interprets the compensation.

Which in this case, and in my case... IS ZERO!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Maybe Dan should quit trying to be a smart---!


Mr. Taylor;

I am going to make this short. I had written a longer, more detailed letter, but it seems to have been lost.

1. File a small claims suit. It costs very little.

2. Under Discovery, request all recordings of the calls you made and anything written on your accounts. Under the law they are required to keep all records.

3. When Direct TV fails to provide Discovery, and if they show up for court, make an objection to testimony from Direct TV regarding your account. This stops them from having a rebuttal case and you win.

4. A couple of days before court date, file a motion, (you can do this hand written), to the court that Direct TV has not met its obligations to the court.

5. Automatic renewels are only valid when both parties are in agreement. You had no contract for the added service. This was a method of payment because of problems Direct TV caused. They didn't want to actually pay out cash and offered compensation in the form of their service. The court will know and understand this.

A small claims suit will cost a little time and a very little money to you. However Direct TV will need to have an attorney present at all court proceedings and that will cost them a lot. Chances are they will offer to remove the charges and give you more free services. I would take the charges removal, however, do not take any more services in payment. Demand 3 to 4 months of free service. Then make sure they send a contract with admission to their mistake and that they don't charge you for the months.

Airheads indeed, Mr. I work for Direct TV.


Mr. Taylor, when you order the NBA Pass they tell you it autorenews unless you decide not to, this saves you from calling in for next year.

It is not DirecTV's fault you did not tell them no. Honestly, most of the complaints here are from airheaded customers who do not read the fine print and just do not listen while on the phone.