We signed up with Direct TV one year ago. We had a 2 year contract.

Number one, there service is ***, really everyone has to watch the same thing.... We've had some hardships, lost our business and had to file bankrupcty for our business and personal. We are losing our home. We've always paid our bills on time, but due to no income we called to cancel our service.

We explained our hardship and they REFUSE to help us with the early termination fees. Even though we have no money, can't find employment so have no jobs they won't help us.

Really $200 plus to cancel. BS

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IF you are still in the banrupsy process add them to it,they want be able to touch you,if you are past that stage don;t sweat it, your credit has already took the hit.All direct TV can do is try to hassle you but thats it.Remember the old saying,you can't get blood from a turnip.


A company that does not work with their customers when the customer is in need does not deserve to be in business! When sending back their equipment be sure to get a tracking # or they will try to charge for this also.

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