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I hated your service FROM THE BEGINNING.

From the beginning I told you to send me a return package. You ignored me a half dozen of times. You made me have a technician come out who could not resolve my issues. Any of them. I didn’t like your service 10 years ago BUT I THOUGHT YOU HAD KEPT UP? . You’re a decade behind in technology. And the worst thing is you are not user friendly to Christians.

Here are some of the complaints that I can not tolerate which you need to warn people BEFORE THEY SIGN WITH YOU!!

1# A Commercials.. Why should we pay 70 dollars a month and then be forced to watch commercials. Commercials should be paying for our usage why should we pay twice?

2# Very little Christian Programming.. Very disgusting *** and anti God programming always being forced to watch bad commercials or questionable programming.

3# Search engines work terrible always finding programming that is not supported in our package. Technician could not fix.. Glitches so annoying.

Littlerally hundreds of times I have set the tv to record shows that were suppose to be free, then when We sat down to watch they wont play. Several calls finally said not in package.

We Loved the channel that the program Touched by an angel was on. We would have been happy with just that channel. But you wanted an additional amount of money for just the one channel. You promised customized programming. A lie.

Your service comes set up so we have to see playboy channels and all the *** and garbage that you provide that is destroying this country. If you could at least be family orientated as the default?? So Evil.

We thought Direct tv would be an upgrade from Netflix. Wow were we disappointed!! Now we have Pure flix. What a joy. 8 dollars a month we can get all the shows we want kid friendly worry free for the kids.

Another problem is the ratings. Good Christian movies can have a worse rating then the *** stuff. You guys are terrible. Why do you not move to a Muslim nation if you hate Christians so much? There is no excuse for harsh rating Christian content. We believe evolution garbage should be x rated. All your values are against God. You are more interested in being politically correct. then doing what IS RIGHT .. Very frustrating software. Factory settings Direct TV is a sin Buffett!!!

No glitches or problems with Netflix or Pureflix.. No more wasting our time on commerials. And we watch what we want and when we want it. Add our local HD channels free and direct TV is a total waste.


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Maybe you prayed for wisdom because here I am. #1 DirecTV does not control content the owners of the channel does, #2 Christian channels don't sell that is the world DirecTV can only have so many channels on their system and why carry a channel that 1000 out of 30 million will ever watch, #3 if they do have a channel you want pay for it or don't this is your decision not theirs.

If you don't like it dont subscribe or learn how to use parental lock or why don't you take the time to raise your children and keep an eye o.

What they are watching. Netflix has bad content as well are they Muslim lovers too because they give people the right to choose what people can watch