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So how do you forget to tell someone that they are in a 2 yr contract, also how do you forget to mention that if something happens to your equipment you will be changed 80.00. Somehow I do not think fair business practices are being held with Direct TV and the good thing is I am willing to be on a quest to making SOMETHING happen.

Upon my call for service, I happen to get a rep that was obviously not pleased with what she was doing.. I counted 3 times she yawned in my ear upon me trying to give information. Now I also work in the service field and understand that everyday is not a good day, but please get it together. Then after not getting any response that was logical talking with a supervisor, his name was Mark, he sounded crazier than the person who was to be directly below him. Now how is that possible.

My service not working and I can not seem to get any help. The first solutions were service call, not. The second was a protection plan, not. More amazing was his third solution..... Find someone else to check the wiring and the connection.... WOW.... I have the service I pay the bill and I find the person, OUTSIDE OF THE COMPANY I PAY, to fix it... That is what I call superior customer service (NOT)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I have Direct TV. Keep calling back until you get someone that speaks English and Keeping asking for THEIR supervisor.

You may get conflicting answers, but maybe you'll an answer that you will like.

That's what I do. Just keep calling....