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We cancelled Direct TV and shipped the Direct TV box and access card back to them. Within a month they sent us a bill for two movies we did not order. The movies were allegedly ordered by us two years ago.

The Direct TV representative said that they couldn't bill us earlier because our Direct TV box was not connected to the phone line. We have never ordered movies from Direct TV nor did anyone in the household order any movies (there are only two of us in the household). We have never even heard of the titles of the movies.

The representative would not delete the bill and he would not tell us the name of his supervisor despite repeated requests. He said he was going to charge our credit card whether we liked it or not.

The representative said he wasn't calling us a liar but he said the decoder box does not lie. We had replaced the decoder box at one point and the movies are on the new access card. The rep wouldn't listen to reason and would not let us talk to his supervisor or even give the name of his supervisor. We suspect he didn't give us his correct name either.

Apparently Direct TV can make mistakes and charge your credit card with bogus transactions and get away with it.

Stay away from Direct TV, there are other options out there.

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same happen to me. after cancellation of service, was billed for movies never ordered a year 'after' service cancelled!!!...dtv are bunch of skeemers and scam artist!!