We have been fighting Direct TV for over 2 months on billing issues. Our box quit working so we called them and they sent a tech out to replace it. They told us it was covered and there would be no extra charges. We had their service for over 4 years with only this one service call. Our TV reception was so bad the last 6 months we called them to see what can be done. They told us we would have to pay to have someone come out to check our reception.

We decided to cancel service. We called them to make sure we had completed our contract and were assured we had. We setup service with another company, called and cancelled our service at which time we again verified that we had completed our contract.

We have received harassing phone calls stating we owe them money. Funny, we receive these calls at night when "no one can help us". We have called twice to have them fix our bill at which time they assure us it is fixed.

We will never go back to this company and we highly recommend no one uses them. There is nothing good about Direct TV.

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I'm continually on the phone with a person that not only can't speak or understand the English language but doen't have a clue on how to help you with the billing problem.

I'll never never never have Direct TV in my home nor give them a referral. I could kick myself in the rear for ever changing my service from Comcast to D/TV. What a bunch of illiterate foreigners, nothing on the other end but.......


"Our box quit working so we called them and they sent a tech out to replace it" When they sent a tech out to check and replace your box I'll bet they have renewed your contract for another 2 years!That is how DTV operates.You need to check your credit card or bank account whichever they have on file for you for charges you did not authorize if so and it is credit card you can dispute the charges,if bank account some will let you reverse the charges,some won't.It sounds as though they have turned your account over to collections.

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