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Dear Customer Service,

Please accept this email as an official complaint against your agent Pablo (Paul) of your Boise Idaho Office and your Phillipines Office.

On October 18, 2016 after being transferred 4 times from one office to another - I finally spoke by telephone to Pablo (Paul) of your Boise Idaho Office regarding my account and dsiputes. It seems everytime we get a new bill our account amount continually changes and we lose channels (e.g. Movies).

After discussing my concerns for nearly one hour with Pablo he finally calculated my account to be $66.55 USD up to and including November 28, 2016; which I paid immediately via my RBC Bank on line services.

Also I agreed to return one remote box to your office here in Peoria Arizona. I now have the return box in my possession today. Pablo assured me that all that we agreed on was recorded to my billing account number.

Yesterday I received a new statement of account upto November 28, 2016 that I now owe $67.55 more.

I disagree - this is not what Pablo and I agreed on.

Yesterday, my telephone call after several tries finally went to your Phillipines office. "Tris" and his then his supervisor would not return my call to the United States. The supervisor rudely told me she did not have the means to transfer the call.

She also said that "Pablo recorded no notes on my of what he and I agreed to" on October 18, 2016.

My entire telphone experience with her was most defensive on her part and she demanded that I pay this new bill.

Given this unfortunate experience yesterday I no longer want to waste my time to deal with your offices particularly in the Philipines .

Looking ahead I request from you that my present account be closed and I ask that I deal with one United States Directv agent here in Phoenix Arizona. Since my wife and I are COSTCO Executive Members you have live face to face representatives in the COSTCO Warehouses where I can discuss any future concerns and programming with a live and one representative here in the Phoenix area.

I no longer want to experience nor trust dealing with representatives by telephone where ever they may be here in the United states nor with your Phillipines representatives.

Since Pablo and I agreed that my account is paid up to November 28, 2016 with thye $66.55 -I would like to begin a new experience with Directv on November 28 with your COSTCO representatives.

Thank you.

Respectfully requested,

Dr. Bernard Brunner

29645 N 128 Lane

Peoria Arizona 85383 Land Phone 623 455 4980

This reviewer shared experience about "constant program changes and pricing" and wants this business to "be able to deal with a live directv agent in phoenix arizona about any future problem, concern or issue" as the author lost $175. This person is overall dissatisfied with DIRECTV. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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