Sonora, California

According to internet sources, Directv is in negotiations with Gannett Broadcasting re rate increase (not consumers problems except for the greed passed along to the consumer) in 23 markets including Sacramento. Now Directv has blocked our access to that channel.

Not paying that bill!

We pay a significant amount of money each month for premium channels to Direct TV and of course the local network channels where we obtain local, regional, national and international news. We have been with Direct TV for a considerable period of time. Direct TV blocked our access to Channel 10, or ABC, without any advance warning from them. Suddenly, the Direct TV logo was all that was available on Channel 10.

Direct TV, without any respect for the consumer whatsoever, didn't even offer an explanation about what was going on.

A message directed us to a website. These people are unprofessional and lack knowledge of business ethics at the very least.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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I have been a Directv customer for over 20 years. I pay my bill every month even though it is way too high.

ABC is my favorite local channel for news and entertainment.

If Directv takes this away I will seriously consider changing my tv service. The negotiations with CBS took way too long and should have been settled before it affected your loyal customers.


This has gone all Summer. With new Fall shows starting plus many college sports the time for taking advantage of the public should be over.

The talking heads have had long enough to settle this dispute.

Not only are we unable to watch many programs there has been no reduction in monthly payments. Please resolve this issue immediately.


We have missed many broadcasts that as a long time customer of directv it is very frustrating to pay a high amount every month and not receive a channel we should be receiving. I’m looking to switch to dish!


We pay a lot of money for the channels we receive to watch certain programs. I WANT THESE CHANNELS BACK!!

If these channels are not going to be available (without me having to buy additional antenna's) then lower my bill.

I am not a happy customer, and if these channels are not reinstated then I will have to find a different carrier. NOT HAPPY


ABC, FOX and Direct TV need to get their stuff together - I pay my bills every month, and I expect the service that I pay for, including ABC and FOX. I see the comment from the dtv billing rep - hey, who set up the *** where you can cut off our channels?

And why don't we hear where you are at in negotiations? It is interesting you encourage people to buy an antenna, get the local cable company or Dish tv if you want the local channels. WHAT???? Now you are encouraging us to go elsewhere?

Guess what? I'm gone!


So what your saying is dtv should pay millions in fines per day for illegally rebroadcasting a signal they have no rights to why don't you tell ABC to allow dtv access

@dtv billing rep

Just pay them what they want! Quit holding the consumer hostage.

You are only going to raise our rates anyways. We are paying for services that we are not getting and you have the nerve to offer us a one time 15.00 dollar discount?


Just canceled my Direct TV. They suck beyond belief.

It's like negotiating with terrorists - not gonna happen. I'm outta here.