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I signed up for 18 month contract with Directv and have been extremely unsatisfied ever since.

First of all, the installer spent more time talking on his cell phone and smoking cigarettes than actually working. He left cigarette butts and pieces of cable and fittings strewn about my yard.

My second issue is that I was told I did not need a phone line for their service. Turns out that in order to use pay per view and other functions, I did need a phone line, so I have never been able to use that.

Third, after my 18 months were up, our dish got moved by roofers doing work on our house. Directv told me it would be $50 for them to come realign it, so I told them nevermind, cancel the account. The representative I spoke to however, talked me in to putting my account on hold for six months just in case. He said there was no charge for it, but I had to make a payment that day (which ended up being an over payment so I now have a $55 dollar credit with them).

Finally, after four months, I decided to go ahead and cancel. This time when I called they told me that I could not cancel because I had a 2 year contract. There is no written contract, mind you. They said that it's an oral agreement. What a bunch of balogna! This company is unscrupulous and just plain greedy.

Directv has absolutely no moral standards and

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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In talking with the salesperson and listening to the pitch... I ultimately asked, "tell me how much I will be paying per month after taxes and fees and surcharges..." well, he tells me a figure in the $30 dollar range for the first 3 months and then in the $60 dollar range from months 4 - 12. Sounded great. He also included the referring a friend $10/month discount. So I signed up. Well, the bill has not been less than $80 dollars and it's been almost a year. I called a few times to get it straightened out because me or my brother (referring customer) never received the $100 credit. Well, the Direct TV guy on the other line (after being transferred a bunch of times) told us WE DID IT WRONG in getting that $100 credit. I explained how I was put in contact with a Direct TV supervisor and then 3-way conversation with my brother who fed Direct TV his account # information. The Direct TV supervisor says, ok, all done. You would think that was the right way.

So, I'm not happy with it and I'm sure it was sensed during my phone conversations with Direct TV. So, what happens? I get apologized to death by several different people I get transferred to on the line with Direct TV. And, when I ask to speak to a supervisor... guess what happens? I get disconnected. this happened twice!!! Great customer service tacticts to deal with or not deal with problems like that.

I'm just waiting for my contract to end so that I can crawl back and apologize to Time Warner.


:( I had a similar experience and I am totally upset! I will never use their servicesm again and will tell people not to use them.

They really do have no moral standards, but I am going to fught them somehow.

They have given me wrong information, and I feel they outright deceive people- or possibly have terribly *** people working for them (although they don't sound ***). AAAARGH!