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Do not sign a contract with Direct TV, they will not honor it and when you call to try and resolve the problems they're customer service will transfer you from one department to another in a continuous cycle lasting hours without resolving the problem. I signed a two year agreement to receive their service because it would save me $10 a month and I would receive 1 yr free showtime and 3 months free cinemax, hbo and starz and it would only cost $36 for the first 2 months, then $42 for the next 10 months, then it would go up to $82 for the remaining 12 months.

My experience was that I didn't receive cinemax at all, and I only received showtime for 3 months. During that period of time my service went out every time a storm came through. It was out a half dozen times in 3 months. My first 3 bills exceeded the agreed upon amount, my 4th bill exceeded the first 3 bills by $10.

I decided to cancel their service because they were not honoring the contracted agreement. Now they are charging me $380 for cancelling their inferior service. I sent them all their equipment back, so they aren't out anything as far as that goes. And I agreed to pay for all services rendered to date of my cancellation.

I wish I had never agreed to do business with a company with such questionable business practices. I will never do business with them again and I highly recommend that you don't either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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It's a dish dumb a***s it will go out in a storm, you should know what your getting before you agree !!!!!!!


Have you started to get 6 - 8 phone calls a day from their collection agency? I have been getting between 6 and 8 calls a day from an Allaince (or something like that).

I had the same problems and ended up cancelling early and they hit me with the same fee (after having their service for around a year and a half).

I stopped answering the phone and now about 3 months later i think they have finanlly stopped calling me. I will never get a Direct TV account again.........