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I'm stuck in a 24 month contract with DTV! They do have great reception for hi-def, but I specifically wanted On-Demand.

To me, on demand is when I want it not wait for it to record then watch it. Well, if you don't have hi-speed and are not hardwired directly connected to the DVR, forget waiting for your on-demand program. I've had the same problem with them for the last 5 months, it takes almost 3 days. 24 hours a day of recording to watch a hi-def show!

That is way beyond what I want. I've done everything on my end they've asked for, short of ME paying an arm and a leg to be directly connected to the router, which is about +/- 200 feet away. After calling again, because I lose the connection and spending over 2 hours on the phone with their techs, it gets repaired for about 15 minutes, then shuts off again. Wanting out of the contract I was told.

Sorry, we can't guarantee your speed or length of time to record something. We guaranteed you a TV connection, everything else is just extra. You will have to pay a $20 per month early cancellation fee totaling about 380 bucks!! All for a service I could not even test out before signing for it.

The 30 days you get for a trial I couldn't even count because the other equipment hadn't been hooked up and then when the equipment came in, it never worked to my satisfaction.

So, I'm stuck. Don't let it happen to you...Keep Murphy's Law in mind..If it can go wrong, it will and Direct TV's lies will have you paying for it!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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*** Mr.Seynour, How much is Satellite Direct really paying you to say all that Bulls***?


It seems Mr. Buttes is on retainer for Direct Tv.I have requested a copy of our signed agreement but they have informed me they do not need a signed contract to charge me for service and charge me over $400 to cancel a service I never signed for.I signed a receipt for the equipment to be installed and never saw or signed a contract or agreement.


For starters nobody specifically wants On Demand but, I'll cut you some slack because most people don't understand it.

When you have hi-speed internet service you can watch On-Demand almost like video streaming in real time. This is true of all On-Demand services. It is not like the actual signal from the TV service that is delivering a real time signal (even this can experience a delay). So, if you have dial-up you should just forget On-Demand. You will just be frustrated like this poor soul.

Now, DTV is not an Internet Service provider and has no control over the speed or quality of your Internet connection. The fact that they have tried to help you get a better experience is testimony to the reason they are #1 in customer satisfaction for 9 years runnning. In this particular instance they have gone out of their way to help a customer who simply doesn't have the correct technology to get the proper service.

DTV is under no obligation legally or morally to let you out of your agreement. They have lived up to their end of the agreement by providing you with TV service at the price they promised. And you said the High Definition signal is great. DTV only guarantees that they can provide you with service, they do not have a 30 day trial period. Once you have your equipment installed and servuce activated your 24 month agreement begins. AUp to that point you can change your service or your mind without obligation. You were made aware of this when you subscribed. So, don't try to weasel out of your agreement by crying foul when you have not been wronged.

Bless the Beasts and the Children. Whiners and Idiots drop dead.

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