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I lost my job last July. got down to 20 hrs a week and couldnt even pay my mortgage.

I called direct tv at the time to ask if they would work with me on my bill and make payments but they woudltn budge at all. terrible terrible customer service, the reps dont give a *** about you or your situation. well I just couldnt pay them so they then added a 240 early termination fee and also charged me over 400 for the equipment. I have tried to return the equipemtn but they wont take it back.

they want payment in full, no partial payments.

a bunch of _ *$@#$ crooks who have no clue what is going on in the economy and are not willing to work with anyone who has a financial hardship and wants to pay their bill but are unable to pay the full amount in 1 month. STAY AWAy from this company.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $787.

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Sean100395...I'd return their equipment but get a tracking# to prove they get it. I'd also speak to an attorney and get their advice on what to do.

PadreX4...Best Buy,Sam's Club and Walmart all know that DirectTV is ripping off the customer but they continue to let them sell their procucts in their stores.They purpousfully don't tell the customer that the equipment is just leased so the customer will pay a lot of money for it thinking they bought it. Another one of DirectTv's many can post a rebuttal on your credit report stating your side of the situation


NEVER GIVE THEM A BANK ACCOUNT #!!! They charged me for their equipment even after I shipped it back.

Filing a complaint with Federal Trade Commission..Horrible Company...They bounced all of my checks to pay bills...BUYER BEWARE!! DO NOT USE DIRECT TV!!


Similar thing happened to us. Charged my card $300 for a cancellation and a bill for $418 for equipment that I PURCHASED at a big box retailer.

Some *** about it was really a lease and that the store should have told me. They sent me to collections.

The statute for filing a lawsuit is passed, but it remains on my credit report. I would not recommend their service.

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