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i needed service so i contacted Direct Tv. I was to be getting a bundle of tv, phone, internet for one low price.

So i signed a 2 year contract. They came out on a friday to install the tv. i asked about my other 2 services and was told they contract that out and withend a week they would be out. after 2 wks and several phone calls i was informed that where my house was located there was no phone or internet service available.

so i had to sign another 2 yeat contract with verizon for my phone and internet. i couldnt get out of my contract with

direct tv either. the price went up on my first bill, everytime it sprinkles the tv goes out, even though they said on there tv adds to the contrary.and now i pay 70.00 a month for The Top 250, and loseing all the Viacon channels sucks.

My kids love spongebob and that was one of the reasons we got Sat, the main reason for getting Sat was because they took free tv from us, the cable and Sat companies have us by the balls. no more free tv, just like they wanted it to were are in the line of fire when they play there money game.

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Now that I have had these recent Viacom channels taken away,that makes my 2 year contract w/you null and void correct? Seriously thinking of going back to Optimmum again, not that they were much better :? :? :?


Guess Direct TV will be losing more money, I quite Direct TV!! :(


:( i canceled direct tv after losing channels i now have comcast direct tv can kiss my ***

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