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After being a customer since year 2008, last year I realized that my monthly payments were way too high, and I decided to call them to see how to fix the problem. We came arrived to new deal, until now when I decided to stop my service because I am moving out of the state.

They want to charge me with $80 cancellation fee, they said that the reason is because I have signed a new contract 8 months ago, (even though I am a client from year 2008 and I still using the same old standard direct receivers. In addition to this, when I called to cancel my service they said that everything was cancelled, I checked back today and my account is still appeared as active!!! I had to call them back, and they denied my call from one week ago. They could not give me a cancellation number to follow up.

I am really tired of Direct TV and all the hassle when you try to change or stop a service. They did not consider I have been a loyal client for 6 years.

Review about: Directv Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Any kind of up date no matter how small will extend your contract with DirectTV. DirectTv pretty much makes their own rules and you are supposed to automatically know what they are. they are the dirtiest company anyone will ever deal with.

They really don't care how long you have been a customer loyalty means nothing to DTV.The only thing they car about is how to cheat the customer out of as much money as possible while they hold you captive as a customer.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #657175

I had directv since 2003 and we were moving to douglasville, so I called to cancel and cut off service. They told me I was still under contract....I told them that I had direct for 8 years and they agreed....but since I had to order a new receiver, mine quit working, that I had sign up for two more years......that has been 3 years ago in August and until I changed my telephone number a few months ago...they called me two times every day to collect the so called charge...they are mean people!!!!!!!

to Pat Tumwater, Washington, United States #658836

Yes I agree because they charged my debit card on file 258.28 when I didn't give them permission so I had to call my bank to disput the charge and I called directv and they said they could charge my debit card and I told them that they can't do that with out my permission that that is fraud I will never go back to directv again

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