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After my cable service monthly bill went sky high, I decided to switch to Direct TV. I signed up online and got basic package which I was told it was going to be $49.99 plus tax per month. They promised me a free gift as a new customer. I got my first bill and it was $84.75. I called and talked to one of the employees. Apparently I was not told about half of the charges they raked up. He kept saying how sorry he was for the mix up, but there was nothing he can do about it.

I finally had enough of his sorrys and went right to the manager. He was a little more understanding and discounted all the "mistakes" when they were finished my bill was $24. I wasn't sure how he got to that figure, but wasn't going to question it. For the next year my bills fluctuated from $65- $79. Every time I called and questioned it, they gave me some line like " It's because of different quarterly taxes". I wasn't sure what exactly that meant, but let it go.

I got HDTV and decided to get a HD reciver from Direct TV. To my surprise I was told that if I wanted it I had to pay $199 for regular reciver and $299 if I wanted a DVR HD reciver plus $9.95 monthly fee. Hmmm.. and I thought they wanted me as a customer. Finally my year contract ended. After all this I decided to return to my cable company. I called Direct TV and told them that I want to cancel my service. They asked me why and I told them the whole story. To my surprise they offered the HD DVR to me, free HBO for 6 month, all kinds of discounts. I guess all I needed to do is tell them I wanted to disconnect a long time ago and I would have had all this!!!! I stuck to my guns and told them that I still wanted to cancel. They checked my account, told me they were sorry to loose me as a GREAT customer, and all of a sudden there was a "Oh by the way, you have a DVR receiver." Ok, what does that mean? Apparently when you get the DVR you sign up for a 2 year contract. "They should have told you that when they installed your service, the girl said". Because of this if I was to cancel I have to pay a cancellation fee up to $300 for the DVR. Now, I'm no gineous, but why would you sell a service for 1 year, and DVR receiver for 2 years???? What do I need a DVR for with no service??? I was a little confused by the news, and decided to find my contract to see where it states that and when did i sign this. I couldn't find it and when I questioned the lady on the phone, again to my surprise her answer was " Oh, we do not ask for customers signatures, its a oral agreement." So for it to be a oral agreement, I need it to be told about it, and if I was not told about it, then there was no agreement, right? So you think. Well according to Direct TV, I was told about it, and it also states in my contract, which they DID NOT have me sign because they do not ask for a signature. Still after about 2 hours of arguing and going back and forth, they put me on the phone with a dispute specialist, who told me the same thing as the lady I spend 2 hours arguing with before her. It almost sounded like they where reading off the same list word for word. There is nothing they can do and if I want I can Email claims department to see what they say, it could take anywhere from 24-48 hours for them to respond. I emailed them, once again explaining myself to them. 2 hours later I get a response stating " we're sorry to hear about your situation, unfortunatly there is nothing we can do and have to charge you the cancellation fee up to $300." By the way I never got my free IPod for the activation gift!

I will fight them, and I'm not intending to pay for this fee. If you have any stories similar to this please let me know cause I know there a few people out there being screwed by Direct TV.

Email me at diesel2039@yahoo.com

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1320498

As long as they don't have access to your account, you can tell them go fly a kite. They are all liars and thieves at that company.


I also was duke into signing up for a suppose 50 a month service.My first bull came and it was nearly 70.

We don't have tax in oregon so I called them up and they fixed it by putting me on a lower package. Then they call me offered a free for 3 month discount to add extra channels and promised my bull wouldn't change if I canceled in time. I called to put bak my services the I got my bill stating that it was the last month. Now that they want to charge me 75 to $85 a month because the deal has ended and my 30 days have passed so I can't go back to the deals that I had.

Talk about a scam and now I'm stuck in a two-year contract.I want out!


yes, my bill is never the same.I call them about every month.

I should have them on speed deal by now. I am sure they look forward to my monthly calls. Your bills keep creepy up with hopes that you will no notice until it is sky high.

The only way to prevent this, is to call every single month!!!True story ___ Marie


These people must be hired and trained to lie.Their customer service sucks .

They are only after your money and **** you !

After my first 3 months were up and I canceled my "3 months free Movie Channels" so went channels I did have . After calling I was told that I did not have package these channels were in, but I could upgrade to higher package or they could add additional channels for an extra $2.00 - $3.00 each.

And guess what, there is an increase of $5.00 a month starting January 2016 , and they try to keep prices down.(RIGHT) When your on a fixed income and fighting cancer, there's not a lot of money left a month for them to take !!!!!After my contract (THEY CLAIM YOU SIGN) is up - I WILL CANCEL and **** Them.


your story is the same as mine, they told me just because i up graded to the nice Dvr box, my contract renewed.i never signed a contract.they also told me when i transferred my service to my new residence the contract renewed. once again i never signed any contract they came up with this verbal contract scam, which no one can really tell you how this works.this is a big scam theses people are pulling over on consumers.i hope that at&t know what they are doing by bring theses crooks aboard.....


I'm organizing a lawsuit for harassment and credit card fraud. Don't take there ***!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1029119

Screw your terms of service. Direct TV has equipment that can be destroyed!

Cumberland, Maryland, United States #1021707

when we decided to leave direct tv, we were told only to send the equipment back, there would be no final fee after what we had already paid since we were not in a contract yet three years later I find on my husband's credit report that he may still owe 318.00

for a disconnect fee. Too Bad They Didn't disconnect the junk

from my house and take it with them instead of me paying shipping fees to give it back...... I would rather do without than to ever invite them back in my home!


I was told the same thing my bill started off with payment of 70.00 month then 85.00 cause they claim that in my area where I lived everyone was getting extra sports channel so I had to receive it also I quests them about it but it didn't matter they act like they were paying my bills. Then after that they upgraded my bill and added neck Sunday ticket program to it and my bill went up to 126.00 putting me up to 290.00 and I made payment of 85.45 for August which should have been for July payment then they cut my service off and my bill not due until 16 of August rip off and money hunger direct tv

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1015402

Do not switch they just got me today they suck. I will pay ten or so dollars more with charter then jump through hoops an be lied to ever other sentence. Do not sign up with them no matter what they offer you free one of the worst decisions I ever made will be switching back to Charter ASAP all this stuff these people are saying is true

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