Goose Creek, South Carolina
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Direct TV cancelled the Cloo Channel with no warning. It's ironic, one week prior to the change several friends and I had a discussion on how our TVs stayed on this channel!

I'm giving Direct Tv one month to straiten this out. I signed a contract and that contract was broken! It's BS!!!! Its funny these providers never add channels to our package.

If anyone reads this post, know the only power we have as consumer is to switch providers. While writing this post I have decided I am calling tomorrow to cancel unless the Cloo channel is turned back on.

Of couse they will say no but I will get some satisfaction saying cancel my plan! What a Joke!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Don't hold your breath - they cancelled my "international news" package and put up the monthly rent without my agreement. When i managed to contact them their response was that I could have it back for a further $20 / month.

I declined and cancelled the service last June having paid up to date (in fact a month in advance ..*** me!!)

They collected their equipment but are saying I still owe them money, which I don't.

They have sent me a legal letter with no reply address and a telephone number which they know does not work from my home. I have copies of my mails but have little desire to keep wasting time in argument and correspondece (emails) to which they do not reply

Good luck and best regards


I agree! This channel was one of my favorites!

Now they want us to pay extra for what was a standard channel. This is ridiculous and untrustworthy!