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I am a Direct TV customer who no longer has the FOX channell 11 due to negotiations; however many of my business assoc. and neighbors are being given a temp channel until this is settled.

I am in the same zip code area 98933 and not being given a temp channel. I am furious that these are given to a select few; DTV needs to step up and give this option to everyone or no one.

If I miss the Super Bowl this year I will be cancelling. This is not acceptable to be paying my same monthly fee, however not getting the channels I was promised.

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Bedford, Ohio, United States #866428

What people do not realize is that FOX carries a lot of professional sports. Professional athletes keep demanding astronomical salaries.

Somebody must pay these salaries. Who is that? The fans; either through ticket prices or television fees. Team owners and agents agree to these astronomical salaries and funnel the costs down to the fans.

Viewers can switch to other television providers, but soon, these providers will also either cancel FOX or astronomically increase the costs. Place the blame of DirectTV canceling FOX where it really belongs, on the greedy athletic agents and agreeable team owners! We fans should send a strong message to the owners and agents.

We must find some other way to occupy our time rather than watch the greedy performers on television.


go ahead and cancel more channels,i will cancel my subsciption. i would rather NOT pay high prices to not see my favorite shows. :roll


I will definately switch to another carrier if I lose the Fox channels. I am also losing some NatGeo channels, so what the heck am I paying for??????


I am a new DTV costumer and I am mad that when I switched to DTV they did not inform me that they are loosing fox channel before I switched and i agree if the other cable companies can make a deal the DTV needs to step up and get it done ASAP.


Personally I'm glad to see someone standing up to Fox. A few months ago I saw that Fox was considering taking it's local stations off the air to force people to pay for it.

What bothers me about most of these broadcasters is that they want all this money from cable providers, who then have to keep raising their rates, when they show commercials. ESPN charges $6 per subscriber, yet they have commercials.

Heck, I don't even like sports, yet I have to pay for their service to get the channels I DO watch. Cable companies have the ability to let us get our channels ala cart, and if these confrontations with content providers continue, they may have to resort to that to keep prices reasonable.


Direct TV cancelled our FOX channel this means NO SUPERBOWL!


DTV needs to let their consumers know what is happening here on the west coast with fox. We pay to receive as part of our package the fox channel that just happens to have superbowl & American Idol.

This is *** to not make a deal when the competion Dish & cable seem to be able to reach an agreement. PLEASE...GET IT DONE. Word of mouth is very destructive and it is building.

I for one will drop DTV and spread the word like wildfire if it is not soon. This is such bull.......

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