I subscribed to Direct TV after my cable bill went sky high. When I signed up there was a promotion "deal" that involved several rebates to get the price down to what was advertised. There was also 90 days of free movie channels. When i signed up the salesperson told me to be sure to contact them within 90 days to cancel the movie channels if i didn't want to keep them. He even gave me the date that I needed to cancel them by and I noted the date on my calendar. My mistake (and it was a HUGE one) was in not checking to make sure that this date was actually 90 days from my sign up date. What compounded this error was that the rebates had to be applied for by me within 90 days. I realize that I should have noticed that I was paying more than I expected for service but the bill was on autopay and I didn't look at it for the first few months. My bad. When I saw on my calendar that it was time to cancel the movie channels I called a day in advance only to find out that I had already had service for 91 days.

I spent over an hour on the phone with Direct's customer service (hahahaha) people, none of whom offered any help or even any sympathy. One of them was honest at least. When I asked her if they were going to screw me out of my money she giggled and said probably. I talked with her supervisor and then to his supervisor. I filed a complaint with the FTC, sent a letter to Direct etc etc. You guessed it. I didn't file for the rebates on time so there's nothing they can do. They claim they sent me an emial with the rebate instructions. I have the original email from them with all the details of the agreement and the service appointment. I don't have anything regarding rebates.

Oh, the amazing thing? Somehow they were willing to credit me for the day of movie channels. Thanks for the $1. I can use it toward the $360 or so that this is costing me. What kind of company has this little regard for people who spend their hard earned money with them?

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I have never disliked a company as much as I do DTV! I hate to read how they rip people of over and over again and even the elderly!

I had a horrible fight with them when I was a cusomer and was lucky enough to get my money back from them but most people do not. My local cable was purchased by Time-'warner and our bill went up a lot,I decided to get rid of cable and get a Roku player for movies from Netflix for $7.99 month and Amazon Prime for $79 per year. I love it,I watch what I want,when I want and I got an indoor antenna for picking up my local channels for the news. Do I miss Cable?

the answer is NO!

I will be saving over $100.per month or $1200-$1300 per year! You guys might want to check it out,just go to amazon.com or walmart.com and look up Roku streaming video player and read all the reviews this is what I did and I'm sure glad I did.:)

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #575035

Pulled the same stunt on me only when I called to cancel they decided It was time to upgrade my plan to include them and double my bill. They have to be the worst company I have ever dealt with

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