Jonesboro, Arkansas
Not resolved

the new format is supposed to be better. now it takes 30 seconds to pull recorded shows up.

it takes 30 seconds to delete a recording where it was instant before new format. put it back the way it was please.also sometimes the *** thing pushes its own buttons in middle of watching tv. thank you for your ear. the old format worked just fine.

only thing thats ok about new one is pretty colors and they changed picture in picture to other side of frame. ohh hoopty doo.

put it back please. thank you for your ear again.

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Hard to read. The font is too small.

Seems to take more "navigation" to get to the end result. Where are the "pre-recordings" list?


The new upgrade on DVR is awful!! The background is way too dark!!!


What is up with Direct tv? First it was the threat of losing FX.

Then the upgrade (which has made the user experience absolutely horrid).

And now the drama with channel 7 and the total loss of Fox local Programming and their national shows. DTV--keep it up and you may find yourself in the same position as the folks who brought us New Coke: obsolete and a cocktail joke.