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I signed up with Direct TV so I could get the local channels - I think we should be reimbursed for all this time of NOT receiveing it - irritates me - I've been trying to watch the PGA tour - all i get is updates and talk, talk talking on channel 218 - the golf channel..........GIVE ME BACK CHANNEL 13! Besides golf, my 3 favorite evening shows come on Channel 13 on Tuesday nights - so - not much tv watching going on at this household - watch alot of HGTV but otherwise - find something else to do.

Like read. Soon I'll probably come to my senses and realize that paying about $100.00 a month for something that I don't use is PRETTY DARN DUMB! I still wish I could just choose the shows I want to watch and just pay for that. WHO WANTS TO WATCH ALL THE *** STUFF ON MOST OF THE CHANNELS?

LIKE - get a better butt - miracle vacuum - wonder bra - REALLY???

whoever watches those shows and a million others like that should learn to read to do something with their lives! that's my take anyway.

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:( I've used 4yrs & they won't give me a lower price on packages.I'm payin twice what new folks pay 4 the same s_ _ _. F them! :(


I real miss the Master Golf I wish we could get Phoenix at least we could use are HD TV we paid so much for. Instead of watching PoDunck Stations who carry very little HD and none at local level. I did write my letters to congress about not being able to watch what I want To.