My TV would not come on last Friday when I came home.Called DIRECT TV, was given to technical support.

The person explained how to diagnois the problem. Still no picture, He said he was sending a new HDDVR out to me. I did recieve it when they said I would, installed it, and now I have TV again. Today I recieved a 19.95 bill from them for shipping which I was never told about.

Needless to say this is unacceptable and will be looking for a new company.I spoke to a man that could not communicate English that well, then I spoke to a female Kelly who would do nothing for me either.

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DTV adds another 2 yrs to your contract even though it is just a replacement,it is considered an upgrade. DTV does not tell you this unless you try to cancel service.


JustSaying, this would be true if it was an upgrade, but if it just a replacement receiver all they have to pay is the delivery and handling and it adds nothing onto your contract.


By getting the new HDDVR this may have added another 2 yrs. to your contract.

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