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I called Diredt TV after being with them for over 8 years and they wanted to charge me a disconnect fee. 2 months before I cancelled them, I called and requested a new receiver for the secondary bedroom because the old receiver had not worked properly for a few months.

I had PURCHASE the new receiver for over $20.00. When I had to move and cancel them, I was informed that i would have to pay a disconnect fee. I called and talked to 2 different supervisors who told me that when I accepted the new receiver (because the other didn't work) and which I had to pay for, they told me that I renewed for another year. I said I had been with them for over 8 years and was told that that didn't matter.

I told them that I would not paying the fee. She got snippy and told me that it would be charged to my credit card. I asked her what card they had on file and she hemmed and hawed and then told me that they did not have a credit card on file to charge to because I had been with them for so long. I refused to give her my new address.

So now they are sending me letters at work threatening me that I had better pay this disconnect fee. I will never pay. It is the principal of the thing. Now I am receiving letters from a collection agency.

Direct TV is scamming the public and stealing our money.

Their customer service stinks and no one seems to know anything other than the script in front of them and no one has any authority to make any decisions about anything. And everyone is treated in the same patronising way

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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After being with Direct TV for nearly 4 years, I decided to try something different. According to everything I had seen or signed, we had satisfied the 2 year contract.

What we hadn't been told was the fact they had put us on another 2 year contract when we had to replace one of the receivers that quit working. Now they are telling me I have to pay the equal of $20 per month for the remaining of the contract they set up. I was never notified or told the replacement set constituted a new contract. These people are leaches and have no concept of good business practices.

They are telling me they will (without my authority) charge any credit/debit card that they have on file for any remaining balance. Whatever they end up doing, they have accomplished one thing. That is they have lost a customer forever and hopefully someone will read this and decide these are not the kind of people I want to be dealing with.

I SUGGEST YOU GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR YOUR TV PROGRAMMING!!! You will end up regreting doing business with Direct TV!!


I called Direct TV on 09/21/2011 to asked about their services. I also told them that I was only checking on their services because I was going to get Direct TV at that point they started negotiating with me and they told me that they can also worked with me.

at that point i was still undecided and told the representative that i needed to think about it. few days later represenative showed at my house to install Direct tv while I was not at my home. I called 09/21 and 09/28 to Disconnect Services because I was getting ready to move to a new address. when I called for the 2nd time to disconnect services, they offerd me a discount and more channels, at the end of the called they assure me that they services were disconnected and that I only needed to pay that month bill.

Also, the representative stated that I was going to received couple of boxes at my new address to sent the reeivers back to DIrect TV. I waited for over 3 weeks and didnt received anything. After tired of calling they informed that the services were never disconnected and because its been over 3 months now!!! i need to pay $400.00 Early disconnection Fee.

$364.56 were taking from my account on 01/10/2012 without my authorization. I am now trying to Dispute The Payment and Make a complaint about the lack of services.


We have had the same problem as many of you. Our receiver went out and they sent us a new one which was HD receiver and was pretty much forcing my parents to go with HD when they didn't want to.

I was on the the phone with them for over an hour and then after all that they said they could not help us because we had a case #.

They haven't been very helpful and when they switched over and disconnected with them they said they would charge it to their credit card, which my mother doesn't ever remember giving them one. Now they are scared to how much they are going to charge them.They are not nice or helpful at all.


Direct lies to its customers. When their reciever went bad they replaced it and extended the contract a year.

Their piece of substandard equipment failed. Since then it has failed again and they did not extend the contract so it depends on who is the customer relations person. the first one lied and said it would not extend the contract.

When my contract is up, I will join my three neighbors and be history to this company. They use sub-standard equipment and use it to their advantage, rotten customer relations.


Direct TV lies to the costumers. I have been trying to disconnect their services since December (is now August) and they still bill me.

When I call they switch me to their "disconnecting office" that keeps me on hold forever before switching me back to the regular costumer service line.

Bottom line: they refuse to let me go!! I am not paying any of the bills and I am calling a Consumer Agency to denounce their illicit practice.


In a Nut shell It happen to me to. Customer of 4 years had a broken receiver was issued a new receiver all I had to pay for was shipping and handling, I was told.

Sent me out another broken receiver. 4 days into this and I had it. I canceled my services, took a look at my account and they took $338.32 out. Oh My GOD..

I called them spoke to three different people. Nothing... Any Lawyers out there who want to take this on please help us. I have contacted 5 on your side in my town, BBB, And THE FTC.

Get this the woman at the FTC( Federal Trade Commission)say she has been hearing this alot about direct tv. very important that you file a claim with them. phone number is 877-382-4357. Also your local BBB.

also Consumer Protection, in your area, the FTC can give you the number. Direct TV will be giving me my money back, how about you.

Call your Attorney General. If you are interested contact me remember there is strength in numbers.



I am having the same trouble with DIRECT TV do I have 72 hours (3 days) in which to cancel the contract? today is my last day to do so if thats the case I got a few hours to go.Ive been with them for 8 years also.HD dvr box was not given to me.what to do next??