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I moved to an apartment building that does not allow attachments of any kind to the top of the building, so Direct TV could only put an antenna by my apartment but I could not get reception with the antenna being placed there, so Direct TV told me that I was responsible for either keeping my service (which does not work) or paying the $260 fee for early termination of the service. They said that this was not their problem, so therefore, it is my problem. They have fine print in the agreement which states that the consumer is responsible for situations such as this.

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i want to move my service from one address to another one. i signed up on the 20th of december 2009.

There paperwork states that i get a free move after 12 month. I payed for a move 4 month after i had it installed.

now i am moving on the 28th of december and they want a $199 fee for moving my service. they state that they have a unwritten policy that the 12 month is from the last move even after i payed for the move.

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