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I have had direct telesion services for two months shy of a whole year. We recently moved and I called to move the services to the new location and was told that since I had not been a costumer for an entire you that it would cost me $300 just to move the service plus the monthly bill that was about to come due.

I told them to cancel the service and they still have not done so. I refuse to pay for services I am not recieving.

This is a bunch of ***. It seems to me if you are a good customer and kept you bill paid that they would be willing to move your service with little or no charge.

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i had the same problem shy of two months and what i did was tell them that go ahead and cancel my account and then i will go to cable since i already have hook up or dish net satilite on my roof. WEll she finally took off the 100 move charge and the 50 change charge and i got my direct tv moved for nothing . you have to be persistance and it might help


Direct TV cheats people badly. The company has gotten so big that they forget that the little people are the ones that put them there.

But they don't care. Greed has taken over and they are going to stomp all over the "little people" until they drain them dry. I would not have gotten the service anyway its just that I have several children in the home and one is a special needs child that does not get to do all the things the other kids do and he liked to watch spongebob.

I myself do not need television to survive. Thanks for the tip though.


Watch for early cancellation fee charges on whatever account they have on file for you and a of times they try to charge nonreturned equipment charges so make sure to get tracking # when sending their equipment back.

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