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AT&T sent me info about Triple Play"Not an introductory offer" of $99.00 a month for phone, internet and tv(Direct Tv) My actual charges are at $138.00 per month and rising.

DirectTv Lies;No Customer Service.I have called both Direct Tv and AT&T to attempt resolution. AT&T has worked with me, DIrect Tv does not respond,listen or try to resolve.

There was a 18 month contract I had to sign that I was not told about until after the dish was installed on my roof. To terminate will cost hundreds of dollars, so I am stuck until sept 11, 2010. I have been mad for over a year and am waiting until sept to get out of this finally!

I would never sign up for Direct Tv again.I would not recommend them to anyone.

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I wish I had in my power to warn everyone that is thinking of getting DirectTV "Don't Do It" Read All The Complaints First! They hide all their legal jargon in print so fine you can't read it with the naked eye.This should be Illegal! I had AT&T and DirectTV also and AT&T is just as guilty as Direct because they know what the customer is getting into and they dont't tell you!AT&T does not/cannot hold one under a contract but they have to know that DirectTV does.It would not make sense to know nothing of your business partners practices so they enable DirectTV to rip off the customer any way they can.AT&T probably get kick-backs from DirectTV


Direct TV is a crook. They prey on people using deceptive practices.

You can never reach anyone.

If you do, you can't understand them. When they get your account number for what they say is necessary to order your equipment, they will continue to take money from your account.

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