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I just learned from my roommate who is account holder, that not only can we not get service in time to salvage any part of NFL opening weekend, for which we pay a premium, but we also must pay DTV extra to switch out their broken unit. What business charges the customer a premium when they fail to deliver the product?

The idea of it is just insane, and DTV is insulting to its customers. Since I am not the customer, I called to verify my understanding.

I directly asked a phone representative if my understanding was correct that after a DTV customer pays for a service, and even pays for a premium service, they must also pay an additional fee if DTV's equipment fails. The response was yes, that is true.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

  • poor service after sale
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I am a DIRECTV customer and I have never paid any type of fee for the use of their product other than an extra $7 for each addition box in my other room's.Sound's like you are not being truthful.


No it is not true and you are lying. Im a long term Directv customer and even if you do not have their protection plan, they replace a receiver if it dies, you are charged $19.95, if you do not have the protection plan, for shipping and handling.

Get your facts strait.

If you do not have the protection plan there is a $49.95 fee for a service call if a tech has to come out.

I had to pay it once, but only once in 8 years. I finally got the protection plan cause it gives you a free upgrade every two years.


Got it. They break out the cost of system maintenance as a separate item so they can advertise a lower price, yet still force the customer to pay the full load in one form or another.


No ***, they make it optional so you dont have to pay for it if you do not want to. You seem to see everything as a conspiracy to ***, Jimtodd, over, when in actually it is simply a choice given to you.

Would you rather the charge be forced on you like cable or other companies do?

They just lump it into other fees so you pay for it regardless. I know this as I worked as a cable installer for about 5 years.


the full load ? you do know that the box alone is $99.99 hd , 69.99 standerd or 299.99 for the genie so 19.95 s/h or 49.95 for a service call is not the full load! lmao


Cable fixes their equipment free and this is the way it should be. You are paying DTV a fee for the use of their equipment and this should include fixing it if it breaks. You may want to ask DTV if by accepting a new receiver(even though it is broken and they are charging you to replace it) if by accepting this new equipment will this also extend your contract for another 2 years.


It's not their fault your equipment failed, it's yours. You're the one using it, *** :grin :grin :cry


Wrong! We bought a service that is provided through included installed equipment. We have no interest or ownership in that hardware, only in the signal to the TV.