I have been a TV consumer most of my life.NO MORE.

DTV charges well over $100 for expanded basic on a two year contract, and that's after the 90 teaser for the so called "premium channels" which is nothing more than re-runs of movies we've all seen. Their programming consists of the usual garbage which they air no more than 8 minutes at any one segment. They then commence with 5-6 minutes of; auto, insurance, big pharma, *** adds, wireless adds, etc etc ad nauseam. These companies pay huge amounts of money for these, then we pay DTV to watch the adds.

The sheer family basic is pure BS to include lots of mexican chanels, *** cartoons, and the home buying channels. Personally, I'm not buying anymore. I despise all of the cable and satellite companies out there for they have created a monopoly and simply fill our homes with useless garbage 24/7. I'm done.

What a bunch of *** clown tape worms DTV consists of.*** ME DTV!!!

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