Reno, Nevada

My cancelling Direct T.V. was they without my permission charged me for added channels I did not ask for so I cancelled them , they never told me about cancellation fee or that they were adding these extra added channels which I was unaware of , which is why I cancelled 6-19-2013 they called me and told me I owe them 400 for cancelling early they said if I pay $88.00 dollars they would not charge me the $400.00 early cancellation fee but the monthly cost of direct T.V. would go up after 6 months quite a *** act can you help ?

  • barbara gallian
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it is in your agreement you said YES to.!!! pay attention people.!


They're charging you $400 for cancelling early? Just like they said they would when you agreed to have their service installed?

Let me guess...the channels you're speaking of are the free premium channels that they told you to call and cancel after 3 months just like every other pay tv service does?

DirecTV will charge you a cancellation fee for cancelling before your two year service agreement is up because you agreed to pay an early cancellation fee if you cancelled before the service agreement is up.

Do you think that they put their money on the line when they installed you without expecting to recoup some of that cost?