My Dad lost my mom last March and a couple months later he decided to sell his home and move in with me, his son. He called Direct TV, disconnected his service and paid the disconnect fee. This fee was over $300.00.

Not even a month passed, he changed his mind for various reasons and moved back into his home. He called Direct TV and had his service restored.

They made him sign a new 2 year contract and now he cannot live alone. He is back in my house and they want another disconnect fee of over $300.00.

My Dad is over 80 years old and is having typical elderly issues.

Not to make excuses for him but Direct TV telephone reps. would not even listen or respond to this question. I hope someone can help with a response.

Question: How can a person be held accountable to pay disconnect fees on two contract at the same time?

First contract was cancelled and paid the disconnect fee to fulfill the months in the first contract, he is now paying for the second contract disconnect fee which overlaps the first.

Thanks for your time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I don't believe I would pay the last disconnect charge or any other charges they may come up with..I'd close the account they have on file for your dad and change phone #'s if necessary.Just make sure you are not on the contract with them. What can they do?

put a negative report on his credit report? who cares!


Well if it was one time i could understand but i think that he should not of signed up for it again. I dont think theres anything that can be done.

Direct tv is awful, i would stay away from them. My aunt had problems when my grandma was put into a nursing home before she died, i think she finally got them to waive the price for my grandma since my grandma did have it 2 years they went and renewed the contract.


HE KNEW !!! You ALL knew about the early disconnect fee the first time around.


This is totally your fault. DirecTV's policy is very straightforward; sign a contract, and follow your end of the contract.

So just pay the money, you asked for it.

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