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In a effort to rein in our bills my wife contacted AT&T to see if our phone, bundle package could be reduced. They sold her on the Idea of switching from dish network, to direct TV.

AT&T's "new partner". I was listening to the conversation and she was told we would still have all the same options. Well after a 2 hour Install with new holes in our house we find out how much was different, and the services were not at all equivalent. My wife called Direct TV to complain about the differences, she was informed that if she wanted to cancel the service she should have called within 24 hours not 48 hours, and there would be a $480.00 termination fee.

So much for trying to save money. I called the Direct TV call center, because my wife was to upset at this point. They were very nice, but I spoke with a supervisor who informed me that no one at the Call center had authority to change or reduce the bill. My only hope is to try thru the corporate website complaint section.

After some searching online it seems as though there are quite a few people in a similar situation, as to being misled into a contract by being verbally told one thing and delivered another. Anyway I know I face many hours of phone calls to get this resolved, I was just hoping that Channel 3 could shed some light on the dealings of this company, and find out if this is more common or perhaps really is just a mistake. I did find it ironic that it would make a great headline 480 dollars for 48 hours of direct TV service.

I will solider on in my quest to get this resolved but I would be deeply grateful for any assistance Channel 3 could provide.

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I had Directtv bundled with AT&T and I honestly don't know which is worse,they are both scam artist working together to take advantage of the consumer.. MR.Prudenza...First:If you have cancelled service,I would highly recommend changing your account # that DTV has on file for you before they charge your account.Then, write your local troubleshooter from you local tv station or newspaper.This is one time that you will have to do most of the work yourself because the BBB,FTC and Attorney generals get so many complaints just like yours that they don't even bother answering them.

If you used a credit card you can dispute the charges and the cc will reverse the charges but there is no guarantee the charges will not be reapplied after their investigation,the only way to stop this is to close the cc after the charges are reversed. You can also use the arbitration process to try and get your money refunded if they have already taken it.You can try calling the corporate office of DTV but this may not help either.Bear in mind, that DTV are professionals at this,they have scammed thousands and thousands of people over the years and they know all the tricks.Also, when returning their equipment,get a tracking # so you can prove they got it,DTV often tries to charge the customer for this too saying they did not receive the equipment.


I set up an auto payment from my bank acct years ago, at least 3yrs. That was for 115.00 monthly which included NFL sunfay ticket.

No movie channels. Now my bill has gone to 163.00 without adding anything except HD on one tv that is $10 extra. These people are pricing themselves out of business. Just like the electric co.

is doing. Next week my solar panels will be workin and I hope to kiss that overpriced bill good bye!


In the USA most states have a 3 day conciliation law.. Florida also has a lemon law for unfair or ripoff products.

You state may also. I would encourage you to speak to the consumer affairs dept in your capital Attorney General's office.

You can be held to whatever you agree to contractually but not if it is illegal in your state.

I have cable and it costs a lot. I was thinking about changing to satellite TV but may slow down and investigate more.


Blocking out fox network is unacceptable, I've been a customer of Direct TV since 1996 and I am not happy. I am currently looking into U-Verse, comcast and dish. The companies are anxious to get business, seems Direct TV has become complacent.

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