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A sales person working for DirectTV kept on calling my home even though our home phone number is registered in FTC as "Do not call number for advertisement". He kept on promising that Direct TV is offering a two-year contract of $19.99 monthly fee, same rate for two year with free installation. I eventually believed in him and agreed to install Direct TV since Time Warner and Dish Network were offering similar program last year.

When the installation person came to my home, he did not bring a service contract. We used Time Warner and Dish Network before. They usually provide service contract with detailed service programs and exact cost on installation day. But Direct TV does not have any written and signed service contract. We called DirectTV asking for the confirmation of this $19.99 monthly deal for two year and was told "Yes".

But the bill received 5 days after installation showing that Direct TV already charged us $34.71 monthly fee on credit card which is $29.99 before tax. We Called DirectTV many times and found out $29.99 monthly fee is for first year, the second year will be $44.99 monthly. I immediately request to cancel since these are not the rate DirectTV agent promised for us to signup and there was never any written service contract for us to sign. But we were told if we cancel they will charge us $480 cancellation fee immediately.

The agent also asked our credit card, social security number, Birth

Monetary Loss: $600.

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