Direct TV web site: Packages tab "Choice" lists DIY under the "Family" section of channels provided. The implication is that all channels provided in Family plus additional "Choice" channels are available for that subscription.

DIY has a small † next to it in grey. At the bottom of the page, that † says: "†Channel not available with the CHOICE base package", written in small grey letters.

This is MISLEADING ADVERTISING! If they don't intend to provide a channel, it should not be listed under the Package tab. I was mislead, and so must many other customers! A written complaint to the company yielded only the bald response that DIY was not part of the CHOICE package.

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Also beware of this one. If you do buy a package they will automatically bill you the next season without your consent.

They did it to me and claimed they sent a flier out telling me I was going to be billed automatically. Then of course said they couldn't remove it once I pointed out their error.

Threatened to leave and they did adjust some things, but at this point thinking about trying the other satellite provider.

Nothing but problems and terrible service with this company.

League City, Texas, United States #9719

I purchased DIRECTV services that listed "SPORTS SOUTH" as one of the channels provided in the CHOICE 200 PLUS package. The day of inswtallation (04/24/2008) I was informed nI would have to buy an additional sports package to receive channel 631.

BAIT & SWITCH tactics and misleading. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE.

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