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I just signed up for Direct TV service today. One of my reasons for switching was because they listed ESPN Classic in their Choice Extra Package and I wanted to DVR some classic games.

Now, upon receiving the service, I go to channel 208 and they say I have to purchase the channel. I called Direct TV and they told me I could only get it if I ordered a special sports package for 13.99 more a month! I never would have switched from cable if I'd known this in advance, but how could I have known it in advance when it is one of the channels listed on their website?

Honestly, this is a pretty clear case of false advertising. They list the channel as being part of the package, and then deny you the channel upon purchasing the package, requiring you to purchase an additional one. This seems to qualify for a fairly cut and dry class action lawsuit. I'm sure there are other people who have experienced this, what do you think? I know people have done similar law suits with Netflix. Personally, I'm either going to get my channel or switch back to cable where I had ESPN Classic included.

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