I contracted with Direct TV for 24 months ..for a package that included Cloo. If I cancel that contract prior to 24 months, Direct TV would consider it a Breach of Contract...and I would incur a penalty.

How can Direct TV remove a channel I contracted for..... a set period ( 24 months).....at a set monthly price..and not be in violation of their contractual obligation to me? They want me to pay extra for the remaining months on my original contract for Cloo...or go without...or pay a substantial penalty to cancel if I go with one of their competitors.

I would consider paying the additional charge ..AT THE END OF MY CONTRACT PERIOD...BUT NOT BEFORE..........

I would hope that whatever regulatory agency (agencies) that oversee these companies would intervene......or that a class action lawsuit for breach of contract would force Direct TV to reinstate the original package many of their subscribers contracted for.

At the very least, they should be required by law to void any early cancellation penalties if they change

their packages in the middle of an individuals contract.

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #1279544

I absolutely agree with you.Directv does add channels to the original contract, but that is their decision, and we do not have to watch them.

To remove a channel, then ask us to now pay for it when it was included in our original contract, is just not good business.There are far too many options for television providers for Directv to behave in this cavilier manner and may also, as you pointed out, be in violation of their contract.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #708461

When Dish dropped Cloo I realized that customer satisfaction and choice were not really important with those clucks.They kept Al Jazeera.

They kept the socialist nozzle network FSTV. But when it came to simple choices for entertaining reruns and drama, the count just went from 5 to 4 unless you want to watch LMN or one of the agenda networks. That's the equiv. of dropping HBO by two channels.

You work all day, you want to watch something entertaining and mindless like Monk, what cha gonna do.

PS- Entertainment remains a needed commodity to sustain modern society, so sustain already.:cry

Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #698619

The dish network just cancelled Cloo. This sucks that they can just do whatever they want with no regulations

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #631096

Hey I know I'm late to this party ,,, but don't let direct-tv BS u , NBC owns cloo . Look it up, cloo was formerly the sleuth , NBC rebranded it in 08 , the channel became popular with customers on direct-tv. Which in turn causes direct to change programming and make money off the channel :eek , weird I know that's how business make money, and they know they can get it :roll , 3$ or 6 $ upgrade packege a month to get 100channels ,) , even though u just want the 1 , 6$ is what some of u spend on ur coffee at star bucks every morning , think about it :? , wake up 10 mins earlier . And make your own coffee 3 days a week and save 18 $ there is 3 mths of ur upgrade package ! *** count the useless *** u spend 6$ on a day and think , this 6$ would get me 30 days of what some of u said is 40% of your tv watching and bonding time ! That 6$ becomes priceless :grin ! I know I spend 6$ on some *** useless *** atleast once a week minimum. So I know we can all be pissed off :( and complain and yell and be mad till your blue ...

Like the old saying goes ,,, why cry over spilled milk? Nothing you can do about it now , no reason to stand there and yell about it , just pick up a towel and clean it up , move on , ...... Remember it's just a channel, , it's just 6$ or give up a star bucks coffee or stoppin at a fast food for break fast , or stay in 1 Saturday night , one 72$ bar saved pays for a year !!

Just stop and think people quit complaining , or do something about it, direct-tv will be around with or without your business, 17 million in the US

Direct-tv will still gain customers cuz cable is overpriced and dish blows.

Maybe it's just the military in me , but complaining never gets anything done, actions do , canceling accounts? Really? You people canceled at that time while they gained probably 2-6 accounts , they gain anywhere from 2-17new or comeback accounts daily with the loss of accounts at avg of13 a month I'd say they have the upper hand.

So do some spending changes or get over it!! 6$ a month is well worth bonding time with my wife son or daughter , any day I'd give that up !

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Direct TV is getting worse and worse.Removing Cloo was the last straw.

I'm going with Satellite Direct as soon as I can.Direct TV can rot for all I care.


im ticked ! :( its ridiculous that they drop this channel yet the price keeps going up!!!


LOST CLOO whats the deal with that remove channels and raise the price :( :( :(


Right there with you.I called today-they said it would cost more and by the way why dont' you get a package with Showtime and Stars.

I had what I wanted before they messed with it.The prices are already prohibitive. And they are constantly calling to sell me a sports package...If I wanted a freaking sports package I would let them know. I can do without and really don't like the uncustomary service.

And will start looking for another service.It's not like there are not more choices.


I am P.O'd. Cloo was good for late night and early morning viewing, when other channels were paid programming. May have to look into another provider.If you take something away, shouldn't the cost be lower?


As I was kindly informed by a very polite and professional dtv rep today and it is true..dtv contracts state that they reserve the right to change packages and programming at any time,and I don't know why u ppl can't read but I got a notice in my bill out the prices increase and the channel change so all I have to say is maybe some ppl need to ask questions and read!

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