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NAACP and Obama would be in an uproar if an elderly black butler would have been hit by a young white kid. The commercial is racist.

Our society is supposed to judge everyone by the content of their character not by the color of their skin. Direct TV makes a sham of Martin Luther King's life and message. Direct TV should be ashamed.

Fire the racist person or persons that produced such a racist commercial.Direct TV should be publicly admonished and publicly apologize for such a socially unacceptable commercial that only puts a chasm of hatred between races. You should be ashamed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Commercial.

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You *** retards get a life


The commercial is racist and its offensive. I just watched it and actually looked to see if it was being discussed in on-line forums because I find it shocking.

I agree with the point above, I am surprised that Direct TV wouldn't be afraid to alienate Asian viewers.

Why so much anger at people who watch television critically? Isn't that what life is about, actually going through it with your eyes "wide open" not "wide shut."


People are sooo worried about being "PC" they miss a very funny guy!! I LOVE this commercial.

What are you so ticked about?!!

They are showing an Asian man who is RICH! what is the issue?!

You people are a bunch of ***


It's a funny puzzler why so many people get so offended so often. I love the whale commercial!

Does it make me want to sign up for DirectTV? No. I just wanna hang out with Whale and Koko. He's adorable and fun!

I love accents. Our differences give the world flavor and interest. Am I a racist?

F__ no! I'm a white woman married to a handsome Asian man who I love with all my heart.


this isn't an argument about whether is comedy or whether it is funny. it can be comedic and funny and STILL be racist (look at the old nazi or jim crow posters i'm sure they were funny to the people who made them!)

and guess what if you're asian, you CAN'T change the channel. it's either this nonsense on one channel or some other kung *** fighting nonsense on the other channel. racist stereotypes sell and hollywood knows it.

and gimme break about free speech. it ain't free speech if you control the airwaves and broadcast negative things about people (for money), without them being able to "free speech" back.


The recent commercial with the Asian guy with a panda is so racist. There's a song playing in the background about Vietnam--the intro to Stop Children What's That Sound by Buffalo Springfield.


That's like if they gave the Russian ones a man with a Soviet tattoo, or if they made the German one a white supremacist. The commercials have nothing to do with DirecTv and they're downright shameful.


It's just interesting to me that they would belittle an undeniable part of their consumer demographic. As an Asian American dating a black man, I have found ever single one of their 2011 ads extremely offensive, and I consider myself thick skinned when it comes to being used to stereotypes being perpetuated in the media. It's so blatant that it's not even amusing to me, it's actually sort of disturbing that their ad campaign would think that type of thing is okay.


hahahahaha that ad was aaamazing! I bought direct tv and recommended 7 of my friends to it after this.

And that asian baller..

So true. Asians do ball ..day ball HARD!


Are you guys crazy? They're FUNNY COMMERCIALS! You all are so *** ignorant.

When you order oriental food, who brings it to you? AN ASIAN.

In "That's the truth, Truth," how come it's a black man and not a white man? You don't see me complaining!

AND, they made a commercial about an Asian baller.

I don't wanna hear anymore *** about racism when it comes to commercials. Go cry somewhere else if a *** TV commercial makes you that angry.


let's go ahead and insult every race out there!

sounds like a great marketing strategy, i bet that'll make the coloreds want to sign up for directv!

for the next installment in this debacle google directv whale. looks like asians are the next target!


Here is my opinion. You people need to quit *** n you sound ridiculous.

We have a *** month of black history, they don't even have a day. Your always *** about everything is racist, live life and quit worrying about everything offending you.

It's not worth it, we are equal now, so end of story period. And the commercial was probably made by a African American.


Get over it. Comedy us comedy, and every race is fair game.

The race card is should no longer be the reason to get so pissed when there are so many REAL issues to deal with in this country.

Obviously the people IN the commercial didnt care. Find another crusade.


I just saw that Direct TV ad with the servant Quan - very racist against asians. I have just read the comments about African Americans.

Direct TV Shareholder should demand the that team making these ads be terminated.

I will never subscribe to Direct TV. I own an apartment complex and will ensure that none of my tenants subscribe to direct TV


I just saw that Direct TV ad with the servant Quan - very racist against asians. I have just read the comments about African Americans.

Direct TV Shareholder should demand the that team making these ads be terminated.

I will never subscribe to Direct TV. I own an apartment complex and will ensure that none of my tenants subscribe to direct TV


email to dtvYou know as your customer of 10 years, I would like to express my irritation, frustration, and offense @ your persistent airing of your "racist" DirectTV commercial. I have never seen such a blatant and apologetically racist commercial.

You have a young black man, walking in a rather tasteless looking large home with his shirt off, gold chain hanging on his chest and a posse of young black men walking in behind him. And, you then have an elderly gentleman who is a server to him. Then a young black boy punches him in the stomach. REALLY???

I am stunned! Would you dare show a white boy punching an elderly black server to white people. I highly doubt that you would. I take this VERY Seriously.

Your directtv page says I can expect good things from you. Can you please explain how this is a good thing.

I do not find it amusing. I am looking into going to Dish network if you don;t pull this garbage immediatly.If this commercial is not pulled WILL cancel my service & go to the FCC


Unbelievable. Hit Direct TV where it hurts.

Tell your family and friends then put your complaint on facebook. I know I will never endorse their product.


My family and I were also appalled by the racist message in Direct TV's ad. I have also seen the new, censored ad, but that doesn't cut it. We've already seen the original ad and know who the little black boy is punching.

I will NEVER support Direct TV after this


and i couldnt believe it. it was so rediculous.

I will never buy directv because of this commercial. they have changed the commercial, the scene is zoomed in so you cant tell that the butler is white, but it still happens....


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the commercial. It is racist.

Where are those people from the Southern Poverty Law Center?

This commercial would never air if it were a black butler with a white kid. Where, oh where, is Oprah?


I emailed Direct TV about this ad and followed up with a complaint to the FCC. I suggest all of you do the same.

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