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Like many other reviewers, I hate the Direct TV commercials that show people (presumable people that don't subscribe to Direct TV) doing really stupid things like drinking spoiled milk, getting paper cuts, sitting on gum, and other things that nobody really does enjoy. The fools that created these commercials should be banned from ever holding a job in advertising, or any other type of customer service; and I think it says something about Direct TV, continuing to pay big bucks for these commercials to air.

Is there even one person in the whole US who decided to switch to Direct TV based on one of these commercials? Of course, the customers are paying for these stupid, ineffective and offensive commercials as part of their monthly bill.

I'm happy with the cable provider I have for 35 years (which is not direct TV), and while their service is not perfect, if I ever need to switch providers, I will go without before ever selecting Direct TV. EVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Commercial.

Reason of review: Offensive Commercials.

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I would never change to direct tv because of the wrong messages their commercials send especially the one the girl throws everything out the window.


What if the roles were reversed in this ad? Domestic violence?


Horrible message to send.


Latest ad has African American blowing up the box and it makes a noise like a hurt animal.This is Jeffery Dahmer perversion. Will never subscribe. Networks should oppose this ad.


Exactly! Why would you insult the people you are trying to encourage to use your service!


Exactly! Why would you insult the people you're trying to encourage to use your service!