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Please share this post so that everyone will know what type a thief Direct TV is.

DIRECT TV IS A THIEF.....READ THIS STORY. This individual has NEVER been a Direct TV customer. This individual made the mistake of paying a bill for a customer of Direct TV with his debit card. A few months later the bill was past due again and without permission they charged his debir card. He eventually received his funds back. He cancelled the debit card and received another one that Direct T...V should not have had access to. Unfortunaely the card numbers did cross over and Direct TV chareged his new debit card AGAIN WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION! Now remember this individual has NEVER been a customer of Direct TV. When Direct TV was contacted about the charges he was told by Direct TV that he needed to read THEIR policy about disputed charges from "CUSTOMERS"...again this individual is NOT a customer of Direct TV. This individual lives on limited income and is now in financial stress because Direct TV will not refund his money with out a 10 DAY investigation. Direct Tv has the transaction number and it only took 30 seconds to charge the debit card. They hve been provided all the documents necssary to proved the fraudulent transaction and they still refuse to do what is right! PLEASE BE AWARE ALL....If you use a debit card to pay a bill for someone other than yourself Direct TV contends that you now have a contract with them. THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $340.

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Lubbock, Texas, United States #571683

This exact same thing happened to me. DirecTv is a horrible company and they stole $181.62 out of my back account for another person's *** charges.

They refuse to give me back my money and my bank can not get them to refund it either since I let someone use my debit card number 1 time to pay a bill. I will never do that again ever!


This is a common practice for DirectTV. If you have not done so you can file dispute charges through your bank and perhaps get your money refunded.


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